Fishtech Rod Guide Repair Kit - 12 Piece

Fishtech Rod Guide Repair Kit - 12 Piece

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This convenient kit allows you to carry out emergency repairs to your rod’s guides in just a few minutes. Don’t run the risk of losing your catch by trying to carry on fishing with a broken or missing guide. By keeping this kit handy while you’re out fishing you can replace missing or broken rod guides, keeping you from missing out on the fishing action! This kit comes with 12 guides in 6 different sizes (2 of each), binding cord, and glue.


  • 12 ceramic rod guides in varying sizes (2 x 10mm, 2 x 12mm, 2 x 16mm, 2 x 20mm, 2 x 25mm, 2 x 30mm)
  • 1 stick of quick dry cement
  • 6m spool of binding cord

SKU: FT1891