200-300 hp SeaPro – the right partner for the job

200-300 hp SeaPro – the right partner for the job


Commercial calibration meets commercial duty cycles, delivering more power with less engine stress. Unmatched corrosion resistance starts with superior aluminium alloys and coatings, plus four serviceable anodes, including one in the cylinder block. All to deliver an engine that works as hard as you do.

SeaPro Advantage

Light and Mighty: Less weight means more efficiency. The V6 200hp SeaPro is the lightest engine in its class. A combination of ample torque and less weight makes these outboards ideal for heavier loaded boats.

Maximum Durability: V8 and V6 SeaPro outboards feature a heavy-duty gearcase that is validated at three times the lifespan of recreational gearcase and slips easily through the water, decreasing workload on the engine. 

Reduced Fuel Cost: Advanced Range Optimisation (ARO) and closed-loop fuel control on the V8 and V6 SeaPro outboards precisely adjust the fuel mixture for optimal fuel economy. 

Compact Flexibility: The V8 and V6 SeaPro outboards mount on 26-inch centers, making them ideal for a broad range of multi-engine applications and simple, seamless repower rigging.